We will advise writers to always proofread and make sure accurate words and punctuations are being used. It affects your score!

Please read this post to know how we pick our winners.

Here are the winners of the April 2022 DANDY WRITING contests:

April 2022 Dandy Winners
  • SHORT STORY WRITING CONTEST: Jennie Williams (United States) Potential submissions: Courtney Binkert (Switzerland) & Helena Gondra (Israel)
  • POETRY WRITING CONTEST: – (pushed to May)
  • 50 WORD ESSAY CONTEST: – (pushed to May)
  • LONG STORY WRITING CONTEST: – (postponed to next month)

Again we say congratulations to all our beloved winners. They all will be earning themselves:

  • Prize Money
  • Certificate of Award
  • Long Term Writing Contract, including publishing
  • Writing Career Coaching for our young winners
  • Additional benefits as workers

All postponed contests will be considered in May, alongside submissions that month.

Do you want to be a winner? Apply for this month’s Writing Contests.

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