Over 60 million Americans work as freelancers. The constant increase in freelancing is alarming and growing every day. Freelancing gives you the flexibility you need to adjust to other things. With the median hourly wage of $30, it is indeed a good opportunity to earn beyond the pay given to non-freelancers. Whether you’re handling a 9-to-5 office work or freelancing job, it is important to know how to manage your time effectively.

Many freelancers find it difficult to manage their time effectively and this is because they do not work in an office setting that will motivate them to work timely. Freelancers most times work from home, which may be too comfortable for some, a few freelancers have gone on to work from workspaces (for remote workers).


Here are seven tips that can help you manage your time effectively as a Freelancer:

7 Proven Tips to Effectively Manage Your Time as a Freelancer
7 Proven Tips to Effectively Manage Your Time as a Freelancer

Create a Detailed To-Do Lists

One of the most useful tools in time management as a freelancer is creating to-do lists. To-do lists can help you keep track of your duties on a day-to-day basis. You can start up by downloading to-do list apps on your mobile devices or using the software on your PC. You can also manually create a to-do list by yourself. To-do lists have helped many freelancers organise their projects and manage their time actively.

Your Schedule Should Be Realistic

During or after you have created your to-do lists, make sure your tasks are logical. How many hours are you willing to work a day? Make sure your schedule fits into your work hours. Adjust your time to suit your schedule and be sure to stick with your schedule always.

Build a Workspace

Whether you’re working from home or office, be sure to create an optimal work environment that will keep you focused. It may be the corner of your bedroom, living room or any free quiet environment. Remove distractions like games or televisions. Get a comfortable chair and table, install sound lightning and set up your workspace to suit you.

Remove Distractions

To be more productive in your work, you should remove any distractions – be self-disciplined. You can start by removing personal devices, muting alerts notifications and logging off social media. To help with the control of social media use, you can use some platforms like freedom.

Breakdown Your Tasks

Another important step to take in time management is breaking down large projects into smaller sections. When tackling vast projects with various stages of duties, you should try breaking down the tasks into smaller ones. This commonly helps freelancers stay focused and not lose interest or procrastinate over projects.

Have a Breaktime

A big advantage of freelancing is the flexibility in time. You should use the advantage of it. Take breaks in between projects. Rest, stretch, grab some snacks or scroll through your phone for a few seconds. Don’t be overpowered by your break activities. This helps you clear your mind and reset your brain for newer projects.

Avoid Stressful Works

Do not take on projects you know naturally you cannot handle. Never accept jobs beyond your capacity. Be bold enough to say NO to clients if you’re not fit for a job. Even when handling projects you are capable of, do not be too hard on yourself. If there’s a task that seems too buggy, you can take breaks in between to let the brain’s knowledge flow.

Working as a freelancer requires time management skills, practise managing your time and expanding your line of skill and eligibility. Eligibility because clients now ask if you can handle jobs on time (even under pressure). Only take up jobs that are aligned with your skills and interests. And with this guide on how to manage your time effectively, you should be ready to kick-start your freelance career.

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