Contestants are eager to know whether they win or not. I must say, this is the most challenging stage in writing contests. As Dandy Writers is known for, we run monthly writing contests for creative writers, poets, story writers and screenwriters who are seeking more pathway to a successful writing career.

When hundreds or thousands of submissions are sent in for one slot, it is challenging to pick a winner. Most times, people may say it is bias or rigged. To clear the air, I have decided to show you how our judges pick a winner for each category of our writing contests.

Marking Scheme

The first thing we look into is the theme of the story and obedience to instructions. We have to be sure that our contestants don’t apply twice for the same category and their stories relates to the theme or phrase of the month. If you apply twice, your application will be rejected without the refund of application fee or notice.

After this process, qualified contestants are taken to the main stage where our marking scheme is applied.

Writing Structure – 20%

This is simply the arrangement of your story. The introduction, the body and conclusion. Does it all makes sense? If given the story at first glance, does it look presentable to you? These are factors you need to consider when organising your story or poem.

Use of Words – 10%

Diction. Your choices of words and grammar also affects your score. It mustn’t be too complex, but uniquely different.

Creative Story – 40%

This carries the most mark in our scheme. Your storytelling skills has to be commendable. We drive more further with stories that are unusual and creative. Crafting a good story is demanding, so it attracts 40% of your score.

Setting – 10%

Time and Place of your story.

Imagery – 10%

When reading your story, can the reader picture the scenarios in their head? Flashes of pictures is important to keep the reader engaged.

Punctuation and Capitalization – 10%

A writer is not a writer until he understands how to punctuate and capitalise when necessary.

So, what are you waiting for? You could be our next winner! Apply to our writing contests here.

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